Product Comparison

So you may have noticed that there are TWO different oils on the website. The oil shown above is the Herbal Hair Oil. This oil was created for hormonal and stress related hair loss. It has been shown to regrow thinning edges and has even helped our founder regrow her hair from alopecia. While we are not claiming that hair regrowth is guaranteed due to everyone's situation being different. I can assure you that with 20 herbs and 4 beneficial oils, you will see the benefits of adding this to your routine. 


Our Sealing oil is formulated to assist with stimulating hair growth. This oil is for anyone who may have sensitivity to herbs . This oil is effective at promoting hair growth and with the proper routine can help with length retention. If you do not have any hormonal, stress related hair loss or any other hair loss concern , this oil is perfect for you. 


Disclaimer : Individual results may vary. We make no claim to cure hair loss related to illness, genetics or disease. Please combine this with a good hair growth routine. Patch test and wait 24 hours to ensure no allergic reaction .